Your guide to Acceptance, Mindfulness, & Buddhism

Here at ChangingYourMind we sincerely believe that our offering of  STOP - LOOK - LISTEN - A guide to Acceptance, Mindfulness & Buddhism”  is the very best offering of its kind found anywhere. Whether this is your first step in exploring mindfulness, are already practicing mindfulness or maybe your just curious, you can be assured that every step of our approach to experiencing the life changing power of mindfulness is offered with your needs in mind.

The unwavering focus of STOP - LOOK - LISTEN has taken on an almost evangelical-like life. As adapted from its original Buddhist form when Mindfulness is practiced it offers not just a powerful way to deal with life, it provides a philosophy for living life.

unique those who practice it aWe offer personal, online or traditional learning approaches. All consist of a progression of steps designed and planned to offer participants the highest level of mindfulness content anywhere.

The individual approach is for those seeking an individually guided path into mindfulness. Costs are negotiable. If you and your group or friends would prefer a less time structured approach be sure to inquire about our on-line opportunities.The traditional learning program is 6 - 8 weeks in length with a weekly 2 - 3 hour meeting exploring the guide & learner experiences/questions. The cost is reasonable at $15 per week plus the cost of the manual ($20.00)* As a participant, you and no more than nine other people will become teachers and learners with each other.

The STOP - LOOK - LISTEN program is dynamic, personal and truly a meaningful experience. Our approach represents the most accurate and unique learning model to mindfulness.As an enrollee in the STOP - LOOK - LISTEN program you will always be honored as a person. We are not affiliated with any faith or religion, but will always respect your personal beliefs.

If you have a question, need further information, would like to purchase the STOP - LOOK - LISTEN guide, or find out when the next program begins complete the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

YOUR GUIDE - Jim Aldrich

 STOP - LOOK - LISTEN is the result of a decade plus calling. My purpose with this undertaking is offer a resource  designed to support participants in their quest to be the person they are meant to be: Empowered, content with their personhood, confident, responsive and to genuinely care about others and their world.

While the  approach is easy to learn, each step along its path can be a challenge. The Payoff: A radically different way of experiencing your world. Over my lifetime I’ve consistently worked to challenge others and myself to be all we can be.

This included serving as a minister in several community and church settings, work is hospice and other medical settings, while earning a B.S.W. degree From Colorado State University and a Masters Degree in Religion from the Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO where I studied adult education and human development.

My last 35 years of employment has been as a social worker in a variety of capacities. It was during the later years of my career that I became involved in helping people apply mindfulness in their lives. In addition, I now enjoy a second career as a published writer. I look forward to a relationship based on each of us learning from and teaching the other.

In addition, I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.

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Why a program? “Learning” Mindfulness is a life-long pursuit. There are no short-cuts, no Cliff Notes summarizing what to do, and no “just getting by.”

For those seekers who stay with Mindfulness there will be  doubters. Your  life will change, you will change. As I like to tell people learning Mindfulness is really quite simple; there a few mysteries involved. Practicing it s hard.

It is in the program that you will experience ongoing support, a chance to participate in the education of yourself and others.

If you think you might be interested in learning more or maybe you’re just curious, click on the “STOP-LOOK-LISTEN” banner at the top of any page on this site.