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The jury remains out in its judgement of the value of mindfulness In the United states. Compare this with mindfulness in the east, its land of origin 300 centuries ago. The western version of mindfulness remains rooted in the science of psychology while in the east mindfulness is rooted in the experiences of human living. It is the latter path that stop - look-listen chooses to follow.

The Ways of the East


The Thinking of the West

MINDFULNESS The Art of Intentional Awareness of You in Your World


Several questions are asked regarding mindfulness and personal beliefs. That question is this: “Can I practice the type of mindfulness written about here and still follow my faith/tradition/belief?”

Yes! Consider this; among the primary faiths practiced in the West are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The one aspect shared by each is a call to pray. Mindfulness, as presented here, is a personal effort by you to maintain a constant 24/7 relationship with God.

For those who practice the living of a meaningful life outside traditional religion, mindfulness allows for you to be in touch with what is good within yourself.

There is no reason for the practice of mindfulness to do anything other than improve your path in life.