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My main purpose in writing is to create an opportunity for dialogue to occur. The content that I offer, be it fiction or non-fiction, does not leave the reader with a clearly defined set of answers. Rather, it is written to leave you as the reader and me as the writer in search of clarity. As a fellow traveler on life's highway, I’ve concluded that any final answers will have to wait until our time has passed.

For me, this is one of the big draws to Buddhism; There are no final answers until the end. If this premise is accepted, then there is all the more reason for dialogue. Dialogue that precludes one being the teacher, the other the student. In true dialogue all involved become the teacher and the student. More to the point, given that up until now most of our communication is via the written word. The solution to this possible roadblock is to call upon the ever changing world of digital technology.


At the core of any comparison between these two approaches definitions play a critical role. Let’s begin with the term “Mind.”Here’s a common definition:

“The faculty of a human or other animal by which it thinks, perceives, feels, remembers, or desires”

This is fine up to a point. Except, it leaves much about the mind unanswered.  Where is it located? What is its role in conjunction with our brain? What is its purpose?

In the Buddhist tradition the mind is akin to the heart within each of us. It serves as a balancing point between our primal animal instincts and our morals and ethics of being human.

In the more modern world of today the leaders in the neuropsychological world will tell us that the mind is an integral part of our brain. It is where the human mind is changed through new electrical impulse being introduced.  

Both positions have remarkable similarity in what the role of the mind is. Perhaps the biggest point of disagreement has to do with how the  human mind is changed. For one change occurs s the result of electro-chemical input while the other might say that change results from our receiving and interpreting new data.

So, how does is this new data get used?. By being MINDFUL of what is going on around you. In your mindful state you would follow a step-by-step process similar to this:

Awareness or identification - Acceptance - Judgement - Action

CHANGING YOUR MIND  2018  | e-mail: jim@changingyourmind.net

So,our response will be to establish a member’s only interactive live bulletin board. As envisioned it will be password and firewall protected, have the capability for either audio or visual communications, allow for storage and access to discussions by members.

This feature is in the final planning stage and will soon appear right here. In the mean time, in early November there will be text only based interactive system available to those who purchase a membership. Access to the “Member Only” area will be offered at no charge to those who purchase any one of my offerings or at a very nominal fee for the public. I also plan on offering a limited number of scholarships.