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CHANGING YOUR MIND - 2017 | jim@changingyourmind.net


Our highest priority is transparency. Some advised us that any one of these words, , ACCEPTANCE,  MINDFULNESS or BUDDHISM are emotionally charged words.  Words that might be divisive or misunderstood, if understood at all. Yet, here they are and in bold print no-less. Why would we do this? Read on to learn about the “Good News - Bad News.”

The GOOD NEWS: These three words represent how you can begin a life-long journey to live a life set free of intimidation, unfounded fears, over-reacting and self-doubt. They are the keys to personal empowerment and contentment in your life. At Changing Your Mind we believe that in all of us resides the spirit of our authentic self; that is, who you really are meant to be. There are those who tap into this spirit. Others who turn their backs on it to gain momentary pleasures. For most, it is ignored.

Are you in  search of your authentic self? That person you want to be? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Ours is a community of people on this same journey. The difference: We offer a path that if followed, can take you to heights you never have experienced. It is this path we want to invite you to share with us.

Oh, THE BAD NEWS? To benefit from the power of these three words requires you to think, really think about what it means to be your authentic self, to act on what is good and right, and how to live your life in ways you never thought possible.  

To learn more about this path please read on!



Here at Changing Your Mind it is our purpose to live an authentic life and to invite others of like mind to join with us on this journey.

Our traditional Western experience is lived with a focus on the primacy of the body and the mind. The spirit of who we are is set aside or even ignored.

What does our path mean? It means that you are being asked to enter into an intentional  I - Thou dialogical relationship with all of creation. A relationship that requires a focus on the path followed when your body - mind- spirit are together as one.What does this kind of relationship look like?