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 It was back in 1969 when Peggy Lee sang "Is That All There Is?" A haunting arrangement with a title that asks a question that is even more relevant today. In those quiet moments when the only voice you hear is your own, do you find yourself asking this same question? If so, Changing Your Mind just may have an answer for you.



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Community is found wherever there is

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It is there you’ll find

an “I - thou” dialogue.

Dialogue begins

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 “Changing your mind is more than just changing your words;

it’s about changing

who you are”   Jim  aldrich

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Question? Question? Question?

Your answers may surprise you!

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Its been 48+ years, but the message is timeless.

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When events (people or things) interrupt your life in a negative manner, how do you respond?

Do you “lose it” as a reactor does? Maybe you’re like others, you are proactive.

Both approaches are learned. The problem: Neither one offers the best outcome for you.

Keep reading, here at Changing Your Mind we are all about showing you how to interact with your world in an entirely different way.

discovering YOUR RIGHT MIND


The ReactorProactive

The beginnings  of  CHANGING YOUR MIND go back more than ¾ of a century. That’s when the life adventure for the founder began. Through more twists and turns than a mountain road, Jim has been on a path resulting in all that you find here.

There was no sudden bolt of lightning from the heavens, no specific book, nor any specific person that brought this idea to life. No, it is Jim’s continuing desire to have a  life of contentment, while remaining an active participant in his world; And active he is.

Jim’s commitment is being an authentic person. For him, authenticity is found in achieving a balance of his body, mind and spirit AND sharing this with others.

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